Tools for Matterport Owners

MatterApps Experiments



Proof of concept to add Event Based Overlays, Pop-Up 360 Views, Event-based Google Analytics and content


MPx2SQFT (New)

Rough estimate of SQFT/M2 based on pixel counting from generated floorplans

Matterport 2D Furniture Planner

MP2D Furniture Planner (New)

BETA of + Matterport

Coming Soon...

I am working on several new and exciting things with a target of Q4 2017.

My goal for future experiments is to create tools for MSPs that take advantage of any SDK / APIs that Matterport release in the future that will be terms of service compliant.

Work has begun. I'm excited.

Proof of Concepts


MP2SQFT+ (Discontinued)

Visualize and Calculate SQFT/M2 based on data from any Matterport Space.
[Supports Models from before 1/26/17]

Matterport Remove Camera from Mirror

Mirror Fix

What if we could edit panos to remove a Matterport from a mirror?

Matterport Talkie Tour

Talkie Tour

What if we could embed multimedia content and hide a Pokemon in a closet?

Developer Resources

Shortcode for Matterport

WP Matterport Shortcode

Easily embed Matterport Tours and create responsive galleries in Wordpress with a [matterport] shortcode.

Matterport REST API

REST API Documentation

Endpoint List for 3rd Party Developers

Matterport Extended Parameters

Advanced Embedding Tricks

Responsive embed code and extended list of parameters