Tools for Matterport Owners


Create an Experimental, Enhanced Matterport Tour

  • Create Events - Attach events to any panorama in your Matterport Space.
  • Scene Titles - Label scenes. Optional voice narration (optional).
  • Sidebar Content - Display HTML content or ads in a contextual sidebar.
  • Narratives - Display YouTube, Soundcloud or MP3/OGG/WAV audio content
  • 360 Images Overlay - 360 Views open in a separate overlay - never lose your place again! (added 1/27/17 - Thanks ScanMan for the idea!)
  • Google Analytics - Track pano views, 360 view opens, MatterTag opens, time spent on tour, # of visitors, # of unique visitors, etc. Embed with your Analytics ID as a parameter - default: &ua=UA-91656146-1

Matterport Rocks!

  • 6/2017 - Matterport have added social sharing! Another MatterPlus exclusive bites the dust!
  • 5/3/17 - Matterport have officially released multimedia mattertag posts which has allowed us to remove our 'YouTube/Image' MatterTag feature!

MatterPlus Video Demonstration by Real3DEstates

Create a MatterPlus Tour

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What is MatterPlus?

MatterPlus is a sandbox experiment that adds new functionality to Showcase.

MatterPlus Event Overlays

MatterPlus provides the ability to display custom content in a title box (bottom center), a media box (bottom right) and an information box (right side).

In the title box, you can label panoramas. Turn on text-to-speech to add voice narration.

In the media box, you can embed audio files (you must host these yourself), YouTube videos, or content from other providers using their embed codes (SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc.).

The sidebar is an area that can appear as a floating window on the right side of the screen, or a full, fixed column with contextual content related to the place you are viewing in the tour.

MatterPlus MatterTag Embeds

MatterPlus also enhances MatterTags by scanning MatterTag links for JPG, PNG, or YouTube links. When it finds a link to an image, it will embed it inside of the MatterTag and allow it to be clickable to view in a lightbox. Likewise, if it finds a link to a YouTube video, it will embed the YouTube video inside of the MatterTag that will autostart and autoterminate when it disappers.

MatterPlus 360 Views

360 Views are a great way to show exterior imagery, but can be confusing as they do not contain a link to return to the tour. MatterPlus changes the functionality of 360 Views by instead opening them in an overlay that does NOT take a user away from the scene they are presently in.

MatterPlus Analytics

Google Analytics can be used with MatterPlus to track each user and each action taken. It's quite amazing.

Do MatterPlus tours include all of Showcase's features?

No, as MatterPlus exploits code that is no longer present in Showcase, features such as VR, Google Daydream support, multi-language interfaces and the UI fade are not supported. Again, MatterPlus is a proof of concept.

How does it work?

MatterPlus injects javascript code at runtime that interacts with the Showcase Automation API to track which panorama is being viewed. It provides the ability to display content in 3 places -- a title box (bottom center), a media box (bottom right), and an information column (right side). Content can be HTML content, MP3/OGG/WAV files or even YouTube embeds. It's quite flexible.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Duplicate Content on Multiple Panos - MatterPlus will not display the same content twice in a row -- therefore, you can safely add the same content to multiple panoramas in a given area to ensure that a viewer will experience the desired content when they step on multiple panos within an area.
  2. Advanced Event Rules You can limit an event to ONLY occur when the previous panorama matches a certain id. This will ensure that a user is entering, not leaving a room. You can also play with the minimum / maximum pan values to limit an event to only show when the user is facing a particular direction.
  3. Generate Embeds with The link to inside of MatterPlus will provide you with the ability to link to many things including Amazon Products -- you can clutter up a tour with lots of promoted products if that's your sort of thing.
  4. Create your own voice over You can create a full audio tour by creating your own MP3 messages and uploading to your own webspace (you can use DropBox and create public links too). Make sure to attach the same MP3 to multiple panos to ensure that the user will trigger it no matter which pano in the intended area they are viewing.
  5. Embed Your MatterPlus Tour Click 'Save' to access an iframe code snippet that you can use on your website.
  6. If All Else Fails... If MatterPlus is discontinued, I will redirect all tours safely to their normal URLs.


Realtor Home

Features many 360 Views as overlays. No other features are being used.

Luxury Apartment Living

Fixed Column showing links to individual units; Embedded video during tour for upbeat music and photo slideshow.

Museum Tour

MatterTags displayed as 'Titles' with voice narration.

Lowrider Museum

Shows YouTube video embedding, Website Link and MatterTags with embedded images (click image to enlarge)

Talkie Tour

Features all sorts of silly hidden messages, Amazon product ads, embedded multimedia content and MatterTag enhancements.

About MatterPlus

MatterPlus was inspired based on ideas posted by the community including:

  • Adding music to a tour
  • Showing external images in a tour
  • Adding custom content into a tour.
  • Embedding videos in a tour.
  • Embedding images in a MatterTag.
  • Showing MatterTags in a column format.
  • Adding enhanced statistics to a tour with Google Analytics
  • Fixing 360 Views to not take someone away from where they are at
  • Integrating eCommerce in a tour

MatterPlus is intended to be a proof of concept and an early start on developing for the future Matterport API that will eventually be released for developers.

This tool is experimental and is intended as for personal use. It's a fun fan project -- not a platform to build commercial endeavors with.

Development on MatterPlus is on hiatus as of December 24, 2016.

New features will not be added until the official API is made available and this can be a viable third party product.