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How many SQFT / m2 is your Matterport Space?

1/27/17 - Tours processed after 1/26/17 are not compatible with MP2SQFT+

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About MP2SQFT+

MP2SQFT+ provides access to hidden surface area measurements buried inside of each Matterport Tour and presents it in a useful context and converts it from square meters to sqft! This is very helpful for billing.

Matterport models automatically detect 'rooms' and calculate the area of each room. Sometimes a room might be a patio area or an area that is not counted as billable area.

MP2SQFT+ allows you to toggle on and off each area visually with both floorplan and dollhouse views for an accurate total of your area scanned.

This tool is to analyze the actual area scanned, therefore areas that appear black in the model -- commonly refrigerators, bath tubs, closets, etc. -- will not be included in the calculation. Additionally, many architectural plans include inner walls in their calculations. MP2SQFT does not. It is a representation of actual scan data.