Tools for Matterport Owners

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Information, Tools and Experiments by @Metroplex360.



Add Event Based Overlays, Pop-Up 360 Views, Event-based Google Analytics and content

Shortcode for Matterport

Wordpress Shortcode

Easily embed Matterport Tours and create responsive galleries in Wordpress with a [matterport] shortcode.

Proof of Concept

Experiments to advocate consideration of requested features



Visualize and Calculate SQFT/M2 based on data from any Matterport Space.
[Supports Models from before 1/26/17]

Matterport Remove Camera from Mirror

Mirror Fix

What if we could edit panos to remove a Matterport from a mirror?

Matterport Talkie Tour

Talkie Tour

What if we could embed multimedia content and hide a Pokemon in a closet?

Did you know?

Hidden features in Matterport Showcase

Hidden controls in Workshop's MESH View

  • Move: WASD / Up / Down
  • Turn: Q, R / Left / Right
  • Jump: SPACE
  • Crouch: C

KONAMI Code for Debug Mode in Showcase

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, H

Presentation Options for Video Capture

Press 'p' in showcase to fine tune transitions.

Developer Resources

Documentation and Guides

Matterport REST API

REST API Documentation

Endpoint List for 3rd Party Developers

Matterport Extended Parameters

Extended Embed Parameters

Responsive embed code and extended list of parameters

Matterport API Wish List

Wish List

One guy's Christmas list to Matterport
(Discountinued April 2017)


Other Amazing Matterport Services


WP3D Models

Build a Landing Pages, Single Property Websites and so much more with Wordpress!


Matterport iPad Videos

Custom Marketing Videos demonstrating Matterport Tours in action!


We Get Around Referral Network

Matterport Referral Service and Community Forum

Shortcode for Matterport

Zipped Matterport Space Images

Instantly download all snapshots from your tours!